Bioinformatics Links Directory

The Bioinformatics Links Directory features curated links to molecular resources, tools and databases. The links listed in this directory are selected on the basis of recommendations from bioinformatics experts in the field. We also rely on input from our community of bioinformatics users for suggestions. Starting in 2003, we have also started listing all links contained in the NAR Webserver issue.
  • This category contains links to resources relating to programming languages often used in bioinformatics. Other tools of the trade, such as web development and database resources, are also included here.
  • This category contains links to useful resources for DNA sequence analyses such as tools for comparative sequence analysis and sequence assembly. Links to programs for sequence manipulation, primer design, and sequence retrieval and submission are also listed here.
  • Links to information about the techniques, materials, people, places, and events of the greater bioinformatics community. Included are current news headlines, literature sources, educational material and links to bioinformatics courses and workshops.
  • Links to tools for predicting the expression, alternative splicing, and regulation of a gene sequence are found here. This section also contains links to databases, methods, and analysis tools for protein expression, SAGE, EST, and microarray data.
  • This section contains links to draft annotations of the human genome in addition to resources for sequence polymorphisms and genomics. Also included are links related to ethical discussions surrounding the study of the human genome.
  • Links to resources related to published literature, including tools to search for articles and through literature abstracts. Additional text mining resources, open access resources, and literature goldmines are also listed.
  • Included in this category are links to resources for various model organisms ranging from mammals to microbes. These include databases and tools for genome scale analyses.
  • Bioinformatics tools related to molecules other than DNA, RNA, and protein. This category will include resources for the bioinformatics of small molecules as well as for other biopolymers including carbohydrates and metabolites.
  • This category contains links to useful resources for protein sequence and structure analyses. Resources for phylogenetic analyses, prediction of protein features, and analyses of interactions are also found here.
  • Resources include links to sequence retrieval programs, structure prediction and visualization tools, motif search programs, and information on various functional RNAs.
  • Tools and resources for the comparison of sequences (nucleic acid or protein) including sequence similarity searching, alignment tools, classification and general comparative genomics resources.