Computer Related

This category contains links to resources relating to programming languages often used in bioinformatics. Other tools of the trade, such as web development and database resources, are also included here.

  • This section contains links that include information on software development tools, such as BioJava and BioPerl. Other application programming interfaces (API) which are specifically designed for processing biological data are also listed here.
  • These resources contain information about the C/C++ programming languages.
  • This section contains links that describe several different flavors of the open source SQL (structured query language) used in many bioinformatics databases.
  • These sites contain information and tutorials relating to the programming language, Java.
  • This section contains introductory material to the Linux/Unix environment.
  • Links to resources for the statistical analysis of bioinformatics data including protein sequences and expression analysis. Also contains mathematical models and other math related resources.
  • Links to programming in Perl are included in this section. Information on the use of BioPerl is also included here.
  • This section contains links that include PHP (pre-hypertext processor) development sites.
  • This section contains development sites for the world wide web. These include open source developer forums and informative tutorials on web specific technologies.
  • This section has links to applications which have released Web Service API's.
  • Entries in this category contain links to bioinformatic workflows.
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