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BioExtractTool Content

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The BioExtract Server is a platform for the creation of bioinformatic workflows to aid the analysis of genomic data. A series of recorded tasks can be saved and shared. Integrated resources include NCBI databases, EMBL-Bank, UniProt and UniRef, as well as a large number of computational tools such as EMBOSS and KEGG.

GalaxyTool Content

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Galaxy is an open, web-based platform for performing accessible, reproducible, and transparent biomedical research. Complete computational analyses can be built, saved, rerun, modified and shared. Galaxy is available as a free public web server; as open-source software that can be installed and customized to address specific needs; as a virtual machine that can be installed on the cloud; and on many specialized public web servers at user sites.

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MOWServTool Content

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MOWServ provides integrated access to databases and analytical tools. Based on the BioMoby protocol for inter-service communication.

myExperimentResource Content

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myExperiment is an online research environment that supports the social sharing of bioinformatics workflows.

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Pegasys: workflow management for bioinformaticsTool Content

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Pegasys is a a flexible, modular and customizable software system that coordinates the execution of multiple biological sequence analysis tools and facilitates the integration of their output. The software allows users to create analysis workflows using a graphical user interface. Adaptors are included for various software tools.

PRI-CATTool Content

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PRI-CAT is a web-based workflow tool for the management and analysis of plant ChIP-seq experiments, with focus on Arabidopsis. Secondary analysis can be performed with the aid of GALAXY.

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RuffusResource Content

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Ruffus is a lightweight python module for running computational pipelines.

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TogoWSTool Content

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TogoWS service provides solutions to web service incompatibilities such as interface and data type incompatibilities. TogoWS REST API and TogoWS SOAP API resolve these issues.