This category contains links to useful resources for DNA sequence analyses such as tools for comparative sequence analysis and sequence assembly. Links to programs for sequence manipulation, primer design, and sequence retrieval and submission are also listed here.

  • This section contains tools and links related to genome annotation. Different sites provide automated and curated annotations. See also DNA:Gene Prediction, DNA: Sequence Features.
  • This section contains databases of coding/non-coding DNA, nucleic acid and gene structure, transcriptional regulator sites, transcription factors, molecular probes, and primers.
  • These resources are free, publicly available, multi-purpose tools for genomic and DNA sequence analysis. Links to resources for sequence presentation, manipulation tasks, and format conversion are found here. As well, tools for genomic data analysis are included.
  • This section includes links to gene prediction programs for both eukaryotic and prokaryotic organisms. Resources that evaluate the available gene predicting programs are also included.
  • This section contains links to mapping data, contig assembly, and genome resources used by many genome sequencing projects.
  • This section features tools and databases for DNA methylation analysis.
  • This section contains links to tools and databases for phylogeny reconstruction, including taxonomy resources.
  • Links to various sequence polymorphism databases and resources concerning SNPs, short deletion, insertion polymorphisms and other unique genomic features.
  • This section contains links for sequence retrieval and submission. The resources include alignment, sequence analysis as well as visualization tools.
  • This section contains links to tools for DNA structure prediction and finding regulatory sequences, the base composition, binding sites and motifs in your sequence of interest.
  • These links contain programs which can create restriction enzyme maps for your sequence of interest. Also included are tools for the design of oligonucleotide probes and PCR primers.
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