Gene Regulation

This section contains links to tools and resources for predicting gene regulation, such as promoter analysis and analysis of ChIP-Seq data. It also contains tools and resources for evaluation of the regulatory role of miRNA and other functional RNA molecules.

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ALLGEN server provides various tools for multiple sequence alignments, clustering, and assembly of ESTs. It also includes search tools for transcription factor binding sites (TFBS), repeated patterns, and transposons.

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Babelomics is a suite of web tools for the functional annotation and analysis of groups of genes in high throughput experiments. Tools include: FatiGO, FatiGOplus, Fatiscan, Gene Set Enrichment Analysis (GSEA), Marmite, and the Tissues Mining Tool (TMT). Other tools include Biocarta pathways, Transfac and a tool de novo functional annotation of sequences.

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Batch Extraction and Analysis of cis-Regulatory Regions (BEARR) takes a list of gene identifiers (such as RefSeq and Unigene IDs), consensus patterns, and (optionally) a position weight matrix as input and returns a list of matches for the patterns in both the sense and anti-sense strands of the relevant genomic sequence. The user specifies what distance up and downstream from both the transcription start site and the 3\' terminus to look for the patterns.

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Cis-regulatory Element Annotation System (CEAS) is a resource for ChIP-chip analyses that retrieves repeat-masked genomic sequences, calculates GC content, plots evolutionary conservation, maps nearby genes, and identifies enriched transcription factor binding (TFBS) motifs.

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CEAS: cis-regulatory element annotation system200673

ChinookTool Content

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Chinook is a peer-to-peer (P2P) service for the discovery, use and assessment of bioinformatics programs. Chinook Online allows researchers to connect and run distributed bioinformatics programs using a web application.

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CisMols (Cis-regulatory Modules) is a tool that identifies compositionally predicted cis-clusters that occur in groups of co-regulated genes within each of their ortholog-pair evolutionarily conserved cis-regulatory regions.

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