Human Genome

This section contains links to draft annotations of the human genome in addition to resources for sequence polymorphisms and genomics. Also included are links related to ethical discussions surrounding the study of the human genome.

  • This section contains links related to annotations of the human genome. Different sites provide automated and curated annotations. See also DNA: Sequence Features and DNA: Gene Prediction.
  • This section contains human genome and ORFs, genetics, polymorphism, gene-/system-/disease-specific information.
  • Links in this section deal with research and discussion related to the ethical and moral questions of human genome research.
  • These links provide up-to-date and relevant information for genomic researchers.
  • Resources in this section encompass genomic research related to human health and disease.
  • Resources include databases, gene-collections, portals, and various tools related to the human genome.
  • Links to various sequence polymorphism databases and resources concerning SNPs, short deletion, insertion polymorphisms and other unique genomic features.
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