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This section includes links to genome databases, resource centers, and consortiums for various other model organisms.

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AHMIITool Content

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Agent to Help Microbial Information Integration (AHMII) offers a search engine for particular strains present in culture collections and databases in bacteria, fungi, yeasts and cell lines.

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AHMII: Agent to Help Microbial Information Integration.20030

ConoServerDatabase Content

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Database specializing in the sequences and structures of conopeptides, toxins expressed by marine cone snails.

Daphnia Genomics ConsortiumResource Content

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The Daphnia Genomics Consortium (DGC) is an international network of investigators committed to mounting the freshwater crustacean Daphnia as a model system for evolutionary / ecological genetics and genomics.

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DOE Joint Genome Institute Genome PortalDatabase Content

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The Joint Genome Institute Genome Portal contains browseable and blastable genome assemblies for several organisms, including Pufferfish, Frog, and Sea squirt.

E-RNAiTool Content

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E-RNAi is a tool for designing and evaluating dsRNA constructs suitable for RNAi experiments in 12 organisms including Drosophila, C. elegans, human and other emerging model organisms. E-RNAi also facilitates the design of secondary RNAi reagents for validation experiments, evaluation of pooled siRNA reagents and batch design.

ePlantDatabase Content

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A suite of open-source world wide web-based tools for the visualization of large-scale data sets from the model organism Arabidopsis thaliana. It can be applied to any model organism. Currently has 3 modules: a sequence conservation explorer that includes homology relationships and single nucleotide polymorphism data, a protein structure model explorer, a molecular interaction network explorer, a gene product subcellular localization explorer, and a gene expression pattern explorer.

Genotyping - NCBITool Content

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The Genotyping tool at the NCBI identifies the genotype (or subtype) of viral sequences by using a sliding window approach to BLAST analysis against reference sequences for different viral subtypes. Results are shown as a graphical output plotting the top-scoring genotype. An alignment tool is also available.

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A web-based genotyping resource for viral sequences200498

jpHMMTool Content

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Jumping Profile Hidden Markov Model (jpHMM) takes a HIV-1 or HBV genome sequence and uses a pre-calculated multiple alignment of the major HIV-1 or HBV subtypes to predict the phylogenetic breakpoints and HIV/HBV subtype of the submitted sequence.

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MIPSDatabase Content

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Munich Information Centre for Protein Sequences projects include: fungal genome analysis, plant genome bioinformatics, structural genomics, proteomics and genome annotation. Projects and databases include: CYGD, MNCDB, NGFN, MPPI, SIMAP, QUIPOS, MATDB, MOsDB, SPUTNIK, and PEDANT.

NCBI Influenza Virus Sequence Annotation ToolTool Content

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The NCBI Influenza Virus Sequence Annotation Tool is a web application for user-provided sequences. It can predict protein sequences encoded by an input flu sequence and produce a feature table that can be used for sequence submission to GenBank.

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FLAN: a web server for influenza virus genome annotation200712

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