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agriGOTool Content

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agriGO is an integrated gene ontology analysis toolkit for the agriculture community. Supported organisms and gene identifiers were expanded over EasyGO tool, and several tools for predicting gene function are included.

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agriGO: a GO analysis toolkit for the agricultural community201063

ATIVSTool Content

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ATIVS (analytical tool for influenza virus surveillance) is a web server for analyzing serological data of all influenza viruses and provide interpretive summaries. ATIVS also compares the HA1 sequences of viruses to those of the reference vaccine strains to predict influenza A/H3N2 antigenic drift.

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ATIVS: analytical tool for influenza virus surveillance20094

Berkeley Phylogenomics GroupTool Content

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The Berkeley Phylogenomics Group provides a series of web servers for phylogenomic analysis: classification of sequences to pre-computed families and subfamilies using the PhyloFacts Phylogenomic Encyclopedia, FlowerPower clustering of proteins sharing the same domain architecture, MUSCLE multiple sequence alignment, SATCHMO simultaneous alignment and tree construction, and SCI-PHY subfamily identification.

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CGView ServerTool Content

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The CGView Server generates graphical maps of circular genomes that can be used to visualize sequence conservation in the context of sequence features, imported analysis results, open reading frames and base composition plots. The server uses BLAST to compare the primary sequence of up to three genomes or sequence sets, aiding in the identification of conserved genome segments, instances of horizontal transfer or visualization of genome segments from newly obtained sequence reads.

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CisMolsTool Content

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CisMols (Cis-regulatory Modules) is a tool that identifies compositionally predicted cis-clusters that occur in groups of co-regulated genes within each of their ortholog-pair evolutionarily conserved cis-regulatory regions.

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CMRDatabase Content

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The Comprehensive Microbial Resource (CMR) gives access to a central repository of the sequence and annotation of all complete public prokaryotic genomes as well as comparative genomics tools across all of the genomes in the database.

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The Comprehensive Microbial Resource2001377
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CoMetTool Content

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CoMet is a web server for comparative metagenomics, and is particularly suited for analysis of large collections of metagenomic short read data.

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Consensus ServerTool Content

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The Consensus server aligns a sequence to a structural template using a consensus of 5 different alignment methods. A measure of reliability is produced for each alignment position in order to predict the suitability of regions for comparative modelling.

DCODE.ORGResource Content

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The website provides access to tools for comparative genomic analyses developed by the Comparative Genomics Center at the Lawerence Livermore National Laboratory. Tools include: zPicture, Mulan, eShadow, rVista, CREME, and the ECR Browser.

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TitlePublication YearGoogle Scholar Citation Count anthology of comparative genomic tools200532

ElastoDBDatabase Content

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ElastoDB is a repository for well-characterized elastin sequences to facilitate its study. The database has since expanded to include other non-elastin sequences that share elastic properties.

G-SESAMETool Content

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G-SESAME is a suite of online tools for measuring the semantic similarities of Gene Ontology (GO) terms and the functional similarities of gene products, as well as data mining the GO database.

GeConT 2Tool Content

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The Gene Context Tool (GeConT) is a visualization tool for viewing the genomic context of a gene or group of genes, and their orthologous relationships, within any of the fully sequenced bacterial genomes. Sequence retrieval is also possible.

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