Nucleic Acids Research Collaboration

The editors from Oxford Press and the journal Nucleic Acids Research (NAR) have joined forces with the OICR Bioinformatics Group to ensure that all of the links from the Web Server special issues are listed in the Bioinformatics Links directly.

Recently, major updates to the content and improvements to the user interface of the Bioinformatics Links directory have been made bringing the total number of resources listed to over 1300 different sites. Each entry represents individually curated web resources and links actively collected by researchers at UBiC from their experiences conducting bioinformatics research, navigating the Internet, and teaching bioinformatics.

Through our partnership with the NAR, we also include all links published in the NAR Web Server issues (starting with the first Web Server issue in 2003). To find relevant resources, users can browse the biological categories or search the Bioinformatics Links Directory directly with a keyword search. Users can also jump directly to the listing of NAR links from any of the Web Server special issues by following the links below.

NAR Web Server Issue 2014Published on July 1, 2014
NAR Web Server Issue 2013Published on July 1, 2013
NAR Web Server Issue 2012Published on July 1, 2012
NAR Database Issue 2012Published on January 1, 2012This Journal Edition is not being shown to the public.
NAR Web Server Issue 2011Published on July 1, 2011
NAR Database Issue 2011Published on January 1, 2011
NAR Web Server Issue 2010Published on July 1, 2010
NAR Database Issue 2010Published on January 1, 2010
NAR Web Server Issue 2009Published on July 1, 2009
NAR Web Server Issue 2008Published on July 1, 2008
NAR Web Server Issue 2007Published on July 1, 2007
NAR Web Server Issue 2006Published on July 1, 2006
NAR Web Server Issue 2005Published on July 1, 2005
NAR Web Server Issue 2004Published on July 1, 2004
NAR Web Server Issue 2003Published on July 1, 2003